Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
5. Risk Management
Enhance Group-wide risk management systems including information security. Build systems capable of rapidly responding to unexpected circumstances and disclosing accurate information.

6. Communication
Encourage dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders including
employees, stockholders, business partners, customers, local communities, government agencies, and other parties.

7. Green Innovation Businesses
Provide solutions that contribute to global social issues.

8. Train Personnel and Promote Human Rights
Secure and train personnel, diversify and strive to protect employment, respect human rights, and continuously improve workplaces.
Environmental Compliance

  • CHL is committed to protect the environment and to comply with applicable government laws, regulations and requirement relating to the protection of the environment.

  • CHL is committed to continuously improving the process control systems to prevent pollution.

  • CHL invest in green technology to enhance business practices with benefit both the environmental and business interest.

  • CHL Environmental Policy
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